Introduction to Beijing Huixue Law Firm

★ 慧学概况


 About Huixue 

Beijing Huixue Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "Huixue") is law firm in partnership approved by Beijing Judicial  Bureau in 2007.  HuiXue now has become a professional law firm through years of development with more than 40 full-time staffs, including lawyers, assistants and administrative clerks. Eight major business departments are set up according to the mode of team cooperation and professional division of labor, namely Legal Counsel Legal Service Department, Digital Economy Legal Service Department, Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Service Department, Financial Innovation Legal Service Department, Investment Legal Service Department, Mergers and Acquisitions Legal Service Department, Privacy and Cyber Security Legal Service Department, Criminal Legal Service Department.

★ 慧学服务


★  Services

Since the foundation, Huixue has been adhering to the service characteristics of professional division of labor and team cooperation. Not only in the field of traditional legal services, such as Bank Financing, Foreign Investment, Enterprise RestructuringCorporate Affairs, International Trade, the Protection of Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, and Security Business, but also in the emerging fields of business including Private Equity, Bankruptcy, TaxesNon-performing Assets, Financial Derivative ProductsAsset Securitization, and Leveraged Buy-out Business,Huixue has accumulated extensive market resources and abundant experience in legal services. At present, Huixue Law Firm has established good cooperation with various government departments and good business relations and communication channels with judicial departments and arbitration institutions at all levels. Relying on the local resources in China, we believe that we can provide the best solutions to all kinds of thorny problems of all clients.


★ 慧学理念


  Operating Philosophy

Hui has been taking "Service FirstRooted in Integrity and Customer-oriented” as the operating philosophy, with which we have been focusing on researches of different fields, expanding sincere cooperation with clients, continuing creativity. 

Based on the idea of market-orientation, user-centering and Customers’ Final Satisfaction Standard, and through modern management, Huixue is trying all efforts to  develop into a leading law firm and upgrade the brand value.We believe that our professional and outstanding services will enable us to become the most recognized and trusted partner of clients in different fields.


★ 慧学客户

慧学律师至今已为几十个行业(电子商务、石油、矿产、化工、电力、消费金融、产业金融、生物医药、交通、汽车、贸易、银行、保险、证券、房地产、 通讯、软件和高新技术等)的众多国内外企业提供了各类法律服务。


Huixue Law Firm has so far provided various legal services for a lot of enterprises both home and abroad fromdozens of industries (e-commerce, petroleum, mineral, chemical, electric power, consumer finance, industrial finance, bio-medicine, transportation, automobile, trade, banking, insurance, securities, real estate, communication, software and high-tech).


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